Episode 9 – The Changing Landscape of the Insurance Market: Wildfires and Beyond

The All Things Wildfire podcast welcomes a guest speaker, Mr. Paul Tanner, an experienced insurance broker. He shares his unique journey in customer service, beginning with his first job at a busy par-three golf course where he learned to read people’s mannerisms and cater to their diverse needs. He then worked at a Mercedes store, where he was tasked to evaluate and enhance customer service. This includedf paying attention to small details about customers’ lives to provide personalized service, such as leaving golf balls or cigars in their loaner cars based on their interests.

Upon transitioning to the insurance industry, he was surprised to find a lack of high-level service even among high net-worth and celebrity clients. He shared that many clients were uninformed about their insurance policies, revealing a lack of consultation and conversation with their brokers. He emphasized the importance of understanding clients’ risk tolerance and tailoring policies accordingly. He gave an example of a CFO who had a $200,000 gap in coverage, emphasizing the need for brokers to thoroughly review policies and not shy away from pointing out gaps and potential risks to their clients.

The discussion revolves around the complexities of the insurance market and the changing dynamics due to wildfires. The speaker emphasizes the importance of due diligence, continuous communication, and maintaining a solid relationship with the client.

A significant part of the conversation is dedicated to the parallels between insurance and construction, client comfort with higher deductibles, and the role of preventative measures in reducing wildfire risks. The rising carrying cost of insurance and its impact on the housing market is also discussed. Towards the end, the importance of the role of brokers in securing insurance and the challenges they face are highlighted.


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