Episode 8 – Innovative Solutions to Combat Wildfires with Ultra-Early Detection

The podcast discusses innovative solutions to combat wildfires, which are becoming increasingly common due to climate change. Carsten Brinkschulte, CEO of Dryad Networks talks about early detection technology and how it can be used to prevent the spread of wildfires. They also discuss the need for collaboration among inventors, visionaries, and founders to develop solutions to the problem. Carsten suggests combining ultra-early detection with an automated response system, such as a drone that can detect and put out a fire within 10 minutes. They also talk about the importance of battery life and payload capacity for drones to make them effective in preventing wildfires

Show notes:

One of the key advantages of Dryad’s technology is its ability to detect fires during the smoldering phase, which can last for several hours before an open flame erupts. This phase is often difficult to detect with traditional methods, such as satellite images or cameras. Dryad’s sensors can detect fires during this phase, preventing them from becoming large and dangerous.

Carsten has a wealth of experience in the telecommunications industry, having worked on LTE, 4G networks, mobile email, and synchronization over the past 25 years. He has used this experience to create a technology that can make a real difference in preventing wildfires and protecting our forests



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Thank you for joining us on the journey of fighting wildfires. We understand that we are in a constant battle with mother nature and things seem hopeless when we have to evacuate, leave our homes, and not know what we will come back to. 

On our podcast, we bring experts to educate homeowners, communities, and businesses on what they can do against wildfires. Our team consists of wildfire prevention specialists, retired fire captains, and fire marshals. 

If you’re trying to get educated, find a solution to the wildfires, and do everything you can for your property then you have arrived at the right place!

Carl Brinkschulte

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