Episode 19 – Fire Safety, Insurance, and Your Multi-Family Home

In this episode of the All Things Wildfire podcast, the host welcomes Regan Brown, the founder and former CEO of G.B. Group General Contractors and Painting. They discuss the impact of wildfires, particularly on multi-family homes, condominiums, and townhomes. The conversation delves into fire investigations, common risks, and how construction defects can pose fire hazards. They emphasize the importance of fire safety codes and compliance, especially when dealing with shared walls and attic spaces.

The podcast also highlights the vulnerability of tenants and the need for insurance in case of fire incidents. They share insights on insurance challenges in fire-prone areas, particularly in California, and mention programs like Fire Safe, which can provide guidance on making properties more fire-resistant and obtaining insurance discounts.

Key Highlights:

  • Discussion on the impact of wildfires on multi-family properties.
  • Exploration of fire investigations and the importance of fire safety codes.
  • Insights into insurance challenges in fire-prone areas, especially in California.
  • Mention of Fire Safe programs for fire-resistant property improvements.

Overall, the podcast episode offers valuable insights into fire safety and insurance considerations for residents in fire-prone regions.



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