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For your headshots, medium to large size, color or grayscale is fine. Please provide: One tall image either ¾ body shot or from torso on up (not cut off on the sides or top) One close-up image from mid-chest or shoulders to above head (not cut off on the sides or top)

The following includes some general FAQs with recommendations and details:

What is this Podcast focused on? 

All Things Wildfire is where you will learn everything you can do about living in a wildfire hazard area by us bringing in all the experts in the industry. We will bring in Insurance specialists, state officials, fire officials, and wildfire solution providers.

Does audio quality matter?

100% yes! We ask that you use a good set of headphones to make sure we capture all of your sound bite gems with crystal clear audio quality. Plus this will block out the sounds of your kitty using the litter box. Win/win.

Do I need to be a storytelling expert?

You do not. What we are looking for is your expertise and knowledge to share with our audience. Be natural and be you!

Does your audience enjoy long expositions where the guests never stop to take a breath?

In short, no. We have found the most effective guests talk in sound bites or short sections. Our audience likes the episodes most when there is back and forth between you and our hosts.

What do I need to have ready to go to help prepare for the interview?

Have stories ready to tell! Our audience loves learning through (SHORT) stories. Have at least one ready to go that relates to your profession and/or subject matter expertise.

Will you be sending me a list of questions in advance of the interview?

No. We want this interview to be very conversational, with two friends talking and this will allow the conversation to be the most engaging.

How else do I need to prep?

Please listen to a past episode (!!) so you are familiar with our interview style.

You can also access all of the past episodes here:

I have more questions…who do I ask?

Send an email to and we will take good care of you!

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