Episode 6 – Understanding the Insurance Claims Process

In this episode, our guest speaker, Grant Staking, from The Greenspan Company Adjusters International, shares insights on the insurance claims process and how homeowners can navigate through it successfully. Grant is an advocate for victims of large insurance claims. His team helps prepare, present and negotiate in optimizing their claim. The discussion covers the following key points:

  • The importance of understanding the insurance policy and the coverage it provides.
  • The role of insurance adjusters and how they assess damage to determine the value of a claim.
  • The need for proper documentation to support a claim, including photographs and estimates from contractors.
  • The challenges of negotiating with insurance companies and the strategies used by claims professionals to maximize the value of a claim.
  • The concept of “soft costs” and how insurance companies may push back on claims related to these costs.
  • The impact of a long claims process on homeowners, including the loss of use of their property and the need for temporary housing.
  • The importance of leveraging experience and technical skills to get the best outcome in an insurance claim.

Overall, this episode provides valuable information for homeowners who may be going through the insurance claims process, as well as insights for anyone who wants to better understand the insurance industry.

Thank you for joining us on the journey of fighting wildfires. We understand that we are in a constant battle with mother nature and things seem hopeless when we have to evacuate, leave our homes and not know what we will come back to. 

On our podcast, we bring experts to educate homeowners, communities, and businesses on what they can do against wildfires. Our team consists of wildfire prevention specialists, retired fire captains, and fire marshals. 

If you’re trying to get educated, find a solution to the wildfires, and do everything you can for your property then you have arrived at the right place!

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